Operations Manager Resume Examples

Operations managers are like fighter pilots in a company. Traditionally, they are in charge of the overall production process, ensuring there is efficiency and the cycle is undisrupted. In the production process, they design the production cycle, control resources, and people, and adhere to quality assurance.


The primary goal of crafting a winning operations manager resume is to prove that you know intelligent hacks of the business operations manager role. You also need to show the hiring managers that you know your way around the role. There is also a need to confirm that your industry knowledge, leadership, and problem solver prowess are unquestionable.

In this article, we will guide you through crafting resumes that will land you the much-anticipated dream job. We also have impressive operations manager resume examples arranged in the reverse-chronological method. These resumes and tips match up the style of an organization and meet all jobs hiring managers metrics.

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What to Include in Operations Manager Resume

When crafting the resume operations manager template, there is little room for much innovation. However, the tactics listed below will help acquire desirable marginal gains and adapt to professional resume formats.

The primary table of contents included in the operations manager resume examples are:

  • Personal contact information
  • Job experience
  • Portfolio
  • Education
  • Your skills section
  • Awards and certifications
  • Any projects you have successfully handled
  • Interest and hobbies
  • Languages

Importantly, when crafting the resume, adopt the reverse-chronological format. This format intelligently classifies your recent achievements at the top of the list.

Operations Manager Resume Summary

A captivating resume summary can spice up an operations manager’s resume . Typically, the board of directors in the hiring section are specifically interested in the summary section; thus, it is essential to have an impressive section in your operations manager resume.

What can make the hiring manager hook to your resume? The simple answer is using an objective summary rather than a professional one. The resume summary should appear just below the personal contact section.

Ideally, an operations manager resume summary consists of 2-4 sentences that indicate your professional achievements and job experiences. When writing an objective summary, ensure you list your professional aspirations and work goals.

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Skills which may assist you which are definitely valuable to hiring managers include project management, supply chain management and exposure to human resources to manage staff turnover and team members retention. You can check out our resume templates for more details.

Operations Manager Resume Summary Example

Operations Manager Resume Objective Summary Example

Analytical operations manager with ten years of full-time professional experience. At ABC Software, I executed policy, designing, and master plan to dramatically refine business yield by 20% to $ 4.5 million. Have a comprehensive knowledge of the state’s legal documentation requirements and relevant ISO 90001 standards.

Work Experience Section in Operations Manager Resume

A hiring manager is very interested in your work experience section. Previous work experience during your job search is wealth in your resume, and you should pitch it precisely. Some of the things to include in the work experience section include:

  • The position you held in the previous company/companies
  • Years worked/dates
  • The name of the company
  • Professional achievements/responsibilities

Sample Operations Manager Work Experience Example

Operations Manager Work Experience Example

ABC Company
Operations Manager

  • Implemented a new safety program that reduced work-related accidents by 70%
  • Advocated for a training program which increased gross profits by 23%
  • Invented a new pull system for a 20% cut on inventory costs
  • Introduced incentive programs that increased staff retention of sales team by 40%

How to Write the Education Section

The education section on your resume template should strictly follow the reverse-chronological format. Write an operations manager resume listing your recent degrees first. If you are in college, you start with your education level that is in progress. Other essential factors that should precisely appear on your operations manager resume include:

  • Name of the schools you attended
  • Dates attended
  • Graduation dates
  • Expected graduation dates
  • GPA
  • What did you study?
  • Academic honors
  • Any extracurricular activities

Education Operation Manager Resume Section Examples

Operations Manager Resume Examples

Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Stanford University, 2000-2004

  • Courses: Warehouse management, Computer Programs, Business Design and safety, Financial Management, Inventory Management
  • GPA: 3.5
  • Awarded leadership excellence award in 2003
  • Elected as the University’s Captain from 2001-2003

Operations Manager Resume ExamplesPut your Best Skills on an Operations Manager Resume

When gauging the candidates for operations manager jobs, every hiring manager will select the one who stands out in terms of skills. Each company has predefined skills they are looking for in a candidate. Most of these skills are well stated in the job description section.

The job description identifies the top priority skills the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. Some of the operations manager required skills include:

  • Planning and implementing strategies in an organization
  • Inventory control
  • Compliance with ANSI and ISO 9001 standards
  • Auditing and budgeting
  • Team building
  • Negotiating on behalf of the company
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Performance tracking
  • Delegation
  • Financial management
  • Problem-solving
  • Product cycle management

It is important to note that different hiring managers require a different set of operations manager skills. For instance, an operation manager in a bank will differ from one in a manufacturing company. Thus, ensure you comprehensively analyze the job description sheet before writing this section.

When crafting, start with the most critical skills and avoid going overboard. Some skills are not verifiable, and the recruiter will note exaggerations and vague information.

Operations Manager Resume Examples

Additional Tips to Creating a Perfect Operations Manager Resume Example

The primary goal of crafting a winning operations manager resume is to assist you to be a competitive job applicant and win your dream job. Some of the other sections to include in your operations manager resume include:


Certifications that are relevant to the operations manager jobs make you a competitive applicant. Highlight your awards and certificates either in a certification section or include them in your education section.

Some of the certifications include:

  • Certified manager
  • Certified inventory manager
  • Certified supply chain operator

Operations Manager Experience

Remember operations manager position is a competitive position, and there are an innumerable number of applicants. To stand out in such a dynamic environment, you must bring desirable operations managerial practices and skills. This section is the best way to showcase your passion in this position.

The section needs to reflect your accomplishments, result-oriented projects, profit margins achieved, and operations management-related skills. Some of the vital things to mention are:

  • A personal project you managed or are managing
  • Personal accomplishments in managing team projects


If you have any relevant publications, you should include them in your operations manager resume. The publications, however, should correlate with the job. Avoid including publications that contradict the culture of your targeted organization.

Volunteer Work

It is not a compulsory section but adding it adds weight to your resume. Remember, an organization wants someone who is both professionally and socially competent.


If you can communicate in several languages, most organizations will include you in their task force. Ensure you list all languages and organize them in terms of proficiency.

Interest and Hobbies

The interest and hobbies in a resume make a candidate relatable. It is intrinsic to showcase to the recruiter your personality. The section helps the recruiter understand how you spend your time and any other relevant skills beneficial to the organization.

Add a Cover Letter

A cover letter attached to your cv gives you the freedom to be innovative. You can easily convince the recruiter why you are the right candidate. A compelling cover letter will make your application stand out in a team of applicants.

Structure your cover letter as follows:

Contact Details

  • Personal contact details: Full name, email address, updated address, and phone number, profession, website.
  • Hiring Company’s Contact Information: Name, address, email, location.


Write an operations manager cover with an introduction that is catchy, precise, and legible. Don’t gamble with the position; a shoddy introduction will discourage the reader from reading the rest of the letter. Introduce yourself, state the job you want to apply for, and chronologically list your career achievements.


In the body of the cover letter of the resume, state why you are interested in the position, your skills, and similar positions held. You can also state the company’s culture and how you intend to comply and complement the existing culture.

Last Paragraph

The last paragraph is a summary of your cover letter. End the letter by thanking the hiring manager for taking their time to read. Also, be hopeful of an upcoming interview by stating what you would love to discuss with the recruiter.


A cover letter is a formal letter and should contain a proper ending. Include words such as your sincerely or yours faithfully in your salutations.

Key Takeaways

This article is a comprehensive guide that shows you how to create a winning operations manager resume. Our resume experts will help you soar and ensure you land an interview despite stiff competition. Some of the critical points included in our sample operations manager resume are:

  • Use the reverse-chronological format in your operations manager resume
  • Ensure you analytically study the job description
  • Include a compelling resume objective
  • Share other indispensability skills that makes you outstanding
  • Include a cover letter that convinces the recruiter to hire you
  • Adopt recent computer database system when creating the resume, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) format is most recommended
  • Remove all the boring stuff and include convincing information that instantly hooks the recruiter to your resume
  • Make your resume an impressive sales pitch to the target organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Operations Managers Need to Include Projects on Resume?

If you have any accomplished projects either at your previous job or academic coursework, it is wise to include them in your resume. Projects help to highlight the skills that will qualify you for the operations manager job. The inclusion of a relevant project helps the recruiter easily track your skills and results in your job.

When adding projects to your resume, ensure you are strategic. Avoid crowding your resume with too many projects that don’t add value to the hiring manager.

How long should Operations Manager Resume Be?

Competitive operations manager resume examples should be approximately two to three pages long. The main thumb rule when writing any resume is to keep it precise. Most resume experts recommend one page, but two pages are also acceptable. If you write a very long resume, it might discourage the recruiter from plowing through your resume.

Also, a short operations manager resume is a warning sign and might negatively overshadow your qualifications and skills as an operations manager. In some instances, top senior operations managers with ten plus years of experience might not capture all the relevant information in two pages resume letter. In such scenarios creating a three-page resume is allowed.

What are Hiring Managers Looking in Operations Manager Resume?

Most hiring managers use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in managing thousands of applicants. The intelligent system scans your resume and ranks it accordingly. It uses specific keywords to rank your resume. Thus, it is intrinsic to ensure that you add the relevant keywords in your resume.

Since you are applying for an operations manager position, it is vital to include all keywords related to the job. The ATS software will identify the keywords and rank your resume first.

Remember, the metrics of the position of the operations are straightforward to measure. Thus ensure you include a comprehensive objective operations manager resume that has insightful skills and accomplishments correlated to the job.

What are the Tasks of Operations Manager?

Operations managers primarily work in production to oversee the efficient production cycle of goods and services. They directly supervise the designing, controlling procedures, and strategies in a business. Also, they work in a team with other managers who directly or indirectly affect an organization’s operations.

How Do I Make my Operations Manager Resume Outstanding?

In most operations manager resume examples, what is prevalent is the content of the resume. But if you want to stand out in a crowd, ensure you diligently adopt the tactics discussed in the article. The first step in ensuring you stand out is including a comprehensive, objective summary section. This section identifies your accomplishment and result-oriented career path.

In the resume, you also need to prove that you have the right skills to handle the operations manager position. The includes previous job accomplishments in a similar role which makes your application successful. Lastly, tailor and personalize the job description to your advantage. Ensure you include all the top-priority job skills in your resume.